How We Can Help You Find Success in the Real Estate Industry

Joining the BOLD team can bring you a new level of professional success. Here’s how our system works to allow our team members to reach their highest goals.

Thinking of making a career change? Contact us today

If you’re considering a career change, the BOLD team might be the perfect fit for you. 

Chris Moscarino, one of our agents, was once in the same position. When he was switching careers, he looked into many different industries. After meeting with us, though, he decided that real estate fit him the best and offered the most opportunity. Another factor in his decision was that because we are a real estate team, we already had a network of support that he could leverage to start his career. 

Overall, our vision was in line with his. We have structure, a training plan for new employees, and a growth model that other brokerages he interviewed with didn’t have, and he didn’t feel like he could achieve his ultimate success without these things. If some of these principles sound familiar, it’s because they’re the same ones outlined in the book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.”

In the five months Chris has been with us, he managed to follow the 100-day plan we formulated for him very tightly to hit all of his benchmarks and goals. Having this plan in place accelerated his path to becoming a successful agent. His initial training and mentorship were closely monitored, and in the 60 days since he’s been on his own, he’s been experiencing a pace and level of success that’s rare for first-year agents. 

Who you become is up to you.

Like everyone in our office, Chris is held accountable to his own goals and the activities that will achieve those goals. There are expectations of things he must do every month along with these goals. These expectations are put in place as a guideline to what he must achieve to be successful. Many agents experience a roller coaster ride of business when they start out because once they get a few sales under contract, they’re too busy to continue their lead generation. The standards we have in place allow for a consistent line of business. 

Moving forward, Chris feels like there are endless opportunities for him and the sky’s the limit as far as how much he can grow as an agent. We have an organizational chart to help our employees create opportunities, but as Chris knows, our philosophy is that it’s up to you to achieve those opportunities. Part of his responsibility in that regard is sitting down once a week to make sure he’s hitting the benchmarks we’ve outlined to help him achieve those opportunities. 

If this type of experience sounds like something you’d be interested in or you already work in the real estate field and think we might be a better fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss how we can take you to the next level.

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