Why Hire a Buyer’s Specialist in Today’s Market?

In today’s market, hiring a buyer’s specialist offers many advantages that can help you get the home you want.

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Why is it so important to hire a buyer’s specialist in today’s market?

Today I’m joined by two buyer’s specialists from Bold Real Estate Consultants, Linay Forgac and Pietro Bonanni, to explain how this benefits you as a buyer. 

Purchasing a home is a large financial investment for most people, and today’s real estate market is more complex than it used to be. You must have your own agent working for your best interests that will go to bat for you in all phases of the transaction so you don’t feel like you’re left in the dark throughout the process.

The state of Ohio has three types of agencies: buyer’s agency, seller’s agency, and dual agency. If a buyer contacts the listing agent directly, that agent works for the seller. Otherwise the agent can become a dual agent, in which case they don’t represent either party and instead become more like a referee between the two parties because they can’t negotiate on anyone’s behalf or give any advice. There is also a type of dual agency where the agent represents the seller and the buyer doesn’t have any representation whatsoever. 

It make sense to have your own agent working for your best interests.

Since we’re in a seller’s market, buyers in certain price points in certain areas are encountering multiple offer situations. Buyer’s specialists help you avoid this by actively searching for listings that aren’t on the MLS yet. You simply tell them the neighborhood you’re looking at and they probe that neighborhood for any homeowner that’s planning on listing their home so you can get to it before it’s listed. 

The best part? Agent commissions in Ohio are paid by the seller, so the services of your buyer’s specialist are totally free.

If you would like to contact Linay for more information, you can reach her at (330) 242-1108 or linay@boldrealestateconsultants.com. If you would like to contact Pietro, you can reach him at (216) 256-6503 or pietro@boldrealestateconsultants.com.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d be happy to help.

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